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School excursions and incursions are an important and effective means of motivating students and engaging them in active learning experiences. As a reason 70 Students of the Class X of B.K. Birla Centre for education visited Prathamesh Resorts Amusement & Adventure Park on 12th July 2018 to 14th July 2018. A three days adventure trip was conducted by the school. The school organizes planned visits to the places to enrich the students and to take learning beyond the four walls of the classroom.

Travel expanded the horizons and school life cannot be complete without the fun of educational tours and excursions. This trip is tailor made to facilitate the students to know and understand the real, multicultural world. A host of activities are undertaken as a part of trip which act as a catalyst to think out of the box and broaden the outlook. The school discreetly organizes educational trips to strategically exciting places and facilitates for the students to reach out for information beyond the text books. Students experienced the calm and serene beauty of the surroundings. The cottage (tent) at the Resort is a unique blend of ethnic yet modernize accommodation. They enjoyed the chirping of various birds early in the morning. During these three days trip, children experienced and gathered knowledge about different adventurous activities. They learnt the appropriate method of the activities. Instructor along with his team gave them tips on good health also.

They took part in different activities like:

  • Ladder Climbing
  • Burma Bridge
  • Zip Line
  • Wall Climbing
  • Obstacle Course: Commando Crossing, Net Climbing, Tarzan Swing, Ladder etc.

They enjoyed indoor games like:

  • Snooker Pool
  • Table Tennis
  • Carom Board
  • Soccer Table
  • Computer/Video Games etc.

Students of the School enthusiastically participated in the different activities. It was a wonderful, joyful and interesting trip.

The students had a great time during the entire trip and returned enriched with a new adventurous experience. This trip was full of soothing pleasure.