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Talent Hunt

BKBCE organized a ‘Talent Hunt Program’ to bring out the natural talent among Birlites on April 18. Most of the newer students participated in the program, showcasing their hidden talents. BKBCE always believed that every child is unique and has infinite potentials. To bring out this natural talent, our school organizes this program every year. The students who participated this year were:

  • Harshdeep Kalinga played a melodious song on guitar.
  • Divya Garg presented an enthralling Kathak performance.
  • Divij Chatterjee played a beautiful song on the keyboard.
  • Mehal and Group sizzled the stage with their group dance.
  • Prajjwal Mane presented a beautiful song ‘Abhi to Badal Barse.’
  • Anshi and group presented a spell-bounding dance performance.
  • Pranav Rokde sang a melodious song.
  • Akash Singh and group presented an entertaining group dance.
  • Sayyam and Sankar presented an English Song to brighten the evening.
  • Shamika Kothari presented a blazing dance performance.
  • Ronak Pal Singh presented a harmonious song from the movie ‘Pathshaala’.
  • Aman Agarwal amazed everyone with his exceptional talent at skating blindfolded.
  • Aryan Agarwal presented a song ‘Lukka Chuppi’ from ‘Rang De Basanti’.
  • Keshav Thakkar showcased his unusual ability of reading with his eyes blindfolded. He touched and smelled the words written on paper and cited which alphabets are penned down on it.
  • Aishwarya and Ayushi sang a duet and had everyone swaying to the tunes of the famous Bollywood number ‘Jeena’.
  • Divyansh Pawar presented a mesmerizing performance.
  • Yash Bafna presented a melodic song.
  • Bhoumik Dua showcased his dancing skills.
‘True happiness involves the full use of one’s power and talents.’ All participants showcased their hidden abilities and the evening was bursting with great zeal and enthusiasm!