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Trips and tours

Out of school learning is all about experiences. At the BK Birla Centre for Education, to ensure the well-rounded development of students and foster conscious recognition of concepts taught in classrooms, the school encourages out of school learning by arranging field trips and educational excursions through the academic year. These trips effectively expose children to a wider horizon of learning experiences.

The school organises an annual educational excursion, a seven-day trip where students are taken to different destinations. Students are divided into groups according to the class they study in and then each group along with a few teachers explore different destinations. A detailed itinerary of the visit is prepared and sent to parents before the trip. Usually places of historical, geographical and industrial interest are chosen as destinations so as to provide an excellent avenue for learning to students. Accordingly seminars, quizzes, projects and presentations are then conducted and students are graded in the next summative assessment.

Apart from this annual excursion, Birlites are frequently taken out to visit places such as theme-based amusement parks, planetariums, trekking trails, historical forts, etc. Visit to such places help students develop a wider outlook and reduce their stress levels. Also as they are accompanied by teachers, who act as guides, they gain better insights on the places they visit.

Result Declaration for classes IV to VII

Tue, 30 April 2019

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