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Teacher facilities

BK Birla Centre for Education (BKBCE) is one of the best private residential schools in India, offering best-in-class facilities to staff.

The school ensures teachers are equipped with latest technology to assist them in teaching. Apart from the latest teaching aids available to them in the academic block, BKBCE also ensures that they lead a comfortable, stress-free life on campus.

The school remunerates the teachers with a salary based on the Regular Sixth Pay Commission scale; experienced teachers are considered for higher remuneration. Teachers are also provided with medical allowance, LTA, gratuity and other such benefits. The BK Birla Centre campus houses staff quarters where teachers are provided with spacious, well-furnished two-bedroom accommodation. Teachers’ children (upto two) are allowed free education at BKBCE, along with food from the dining hall at a subsidised rate.

The school while recruiting gives preference to those applicants with previous residential school experience or those who are willing to adapt to the Birlite way of life. Individuals who are sincere, competent, have a love for teaching and would like to have a long-term association with a school like ours, are invited to send your resumes to us. Your resume should include details about your experience and qualifications, certificates earned, and a passport size photo.

Children's Day

Wed, 14 November 2018

Students of Class IV to XII reports

Sun, 18 November 2018

English / Hindi Hand Writing (Sub Jr & Jr)

Wed, 21 November 2018

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Results and Toppers 2017-2018

Mon, 18 June 2018

Cricket Tournament at BKBCE

Sun, 30 November 2014

Singing Competition

Sat, 03 May 2014

Solo singing competition for the junior and senior category.

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