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BK Birla Centre for Education is a world-class residential CBSE school offering best in class facilities for teachers.

It is because of its well-qualified teaching staff that the school has gained the reputation for being a provider of quality education. The school provides an excellent environment and numerous opportunities for its staff to grow and excel in their chosen field. BK Birla Centre values individuals with a passion for teaching and those who enjoy inculcating a love for learning in the minds of young learners.

This said, BK Birla Centre gives preference to teachers with previous residential school experience. A modern school offering the latest infrastructure, BK Birla Centre places emphasis on inculcating the right values at a young age.

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The school offers compensation that is comparable with some of the best residential schools in the country. Apart from this, it also provides with a high standard of residential facilities to the staff and their family. Faculty children are entitled to enroll in the school, at concessional fees.

The recruitment process involves first receiving the curriculum vitae and then a telephonic interview, followed by a personal interview at the campus. The school provides candidates with the commuting costs for Tier II AC. Candidates, if selected, will receive an appointment letter by mail.

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Individuals who are sincere, competent, have a love for teaching and would like to have a long-term association with a school like BK Birla Centre, are invited to send in their resume. The resume should include details about work experience and qualification, certificates earned, and a passport size photo.

IV- Social Science, V- Science, VI- Maths, VII- Social Science, VIII- Social Science

Sat, 23 March 2019

IV- Hindi, V- English, VI- Science, VII- English, VIII- Hindi

Mon, 25 March 2019

IV- Maths, V- Hindi, VI- Social Science, VII- Maths, VIII- Maths

Thu, 28 March 2019

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