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Medical facilities

At the BK Birla Centre for Education, the health of its students is of primary concern. The school has an excellent medical centre on campus with medical professionals available around the clock. On-campus medical centre ensures all its students living in the hostel with immediate medical care in emergency. Any form of viral diseases, infections and even minor injuries are treated within school premises itself. The medical centre has three staff nurses and two ward boys attending at all times. A doctor visits the campus every day.

With five hostel blocks, BK Birla Centre for Education provides world-class residential facility to its students. Each block is two-storied structure accommodating about 108 to 144 students at a time.
Common rooms
All the five hostels in the BK Birla Centre for Education have two common rooms, where students can destress themselves with music and other educational programmes on television.
Dining hall
Maa Annapurna, the BKBCE dining hall, is managed by a staff of over 28 team members. It accommodates over 700 persons at a time and is equipped with latest technology.