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Dining hall

At the BK Birla Centre for Education, the habit of healthy eating is inculcated at a young age. The school is considered to be among the best boarding school food providers serving nutritious and tasty meals. The dining hall – Maa Annapurna – is a separate building that is centrally located on campus, close to the administrative block and all five hostels.The dining hall has the capacity to accommodate over 700 students and staff. Apart from a large dining hall, the building also has a kitchen and a store room.

With five hostel blocks, BK Birla Centre for Education provides world-class residential facility to its students. Each block is two-storied structure accommodating about 108 to 144 students at a time.
Common rooms
All the five hostels in the BK Birla Centre for Education have two common rooms, where students can destress themselves with music and other educational programmes on television.
Medical facilities
A well-equipped pharmacy and adequately staffed medical centre ensures that all students in the campus are healthy. Infections and even minor injury can be treated inside the premises only.