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Common rooms

The BK Birla Centre for Education has five hostel blocks, each of which are equipped with two common rooms. The boarding school common room within the sprawling campus in Pune have been uniquely designed to be not just comfortable but to provide a homely atmosphere to the student residing here. The interiors of each common room are uniquely designed keeping in mind the age group of the students residing in that particular hostel. The colour scheme used is also thoughtfully chosen to exude warmth.

With five hostel blocks, BK Birla Centre for Education provides world-class residential facility to its students. Each block is two-storied structure accommodating about 108 to 144 students at a time.
Dining hall
Maa Annapurna, the BKBCE dining hall, is managed by a staff of over 28 team members. It accommodates over 700 persons at a time and is equipped with latest technology.
Medical facilities
A well-equipped pharmacy and adequately staffed medical centre ensures that all students in the campus are healthy. Infections and even minor injury can be treated inside the premises only.