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Greeting Card Making (Open)

The Art Department of the B.K. Birla Centre for Education, led by Mr. Ashim Karmakar, had arranged an Art Workshop from 3rd May 2017 to 5th May 2017. This was conducted by Mrs. Bharti Dalvi. The workshop was about creating Nameplates, Murals, and Paintings.

Day – 1 (3rd May 2017)

Students were introduced to the different types of Murals made by Mrs. Dalviā€™s team and were told about Modern Art and its types. They were then told about name plating and its types. They were provided with wooden boards, some dental powder, glue, and motives. She taught them how to make murals and name plates in an easier way. Students made the base of the murals by using dental powder mixed with glue. Then they stuck the motives made of dental powder on the base of the mural and left it for drying.

Day – 2 (4th May 2017)

On the day 2, students were given paints and brushes to paint the bases of their murals. Students had a lot of fun in mixing and matching different colours. Mrs. Dalvi gave them multiple demonstrations of colouring.

Day – 3 (5th May 2017)

On the last day, our young artists were given different Chemicals and Spray Paints to laminate their artwork. Gloss, Matte and Gel were the chemicals they worked with. The finished products looked spectacular. Students thanked Mrs. Dalvi for coming down to the B.K. Birla Centre for Education and conducting this workshop.