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First Inter-House Robotics Championship 2018

For the first time in the history of BK Birla Centre for Education, Inter-House Robotics Championship 2018 was held under the guidance of our beloved Principal Dr SK Sanyal. The enterprising children took keen interest in this competition. The competition was held from October 16- 18, 2018, under the category – Manual Robots.

There were three rounds for this competition: Presentation Round, Track and Battle Round.

The schedule for the competition was as follows:
On October 16th and 17th, the first round of championship was held where participants of all the four houses were to give their presentation. It was all about team-work, their strategy and execution and accordingly designing their Robots. The Judges for the same were Mrs Deepika Saluja (PGT-Economics, Co-curricular Head) and Dr Manohar Patil (Dean-Academics). The observers for this round were our Principal Dr. SK Sanyal and Mrs Kamakshi Mudaliar (School Co-ordinator).

On October 18, 2018, the second and the third round were held which eventually decided the champion of the first Inter House Robotics Championship, 2018. The track for the last two rounds was well crafted by our budding architects and supported by the Administrative Officer. The participants of all the four houses for the same were enthused to showcase their talent. The judges were none other than our senior faculty: Mr Ajay Parmar (PGT-Physics), Mr Arvind Tiwari (PGT-Physics and Head of Science Department), Mr GB Yatekar (PGT-Mathematics, Examination in-charge) and Mrs Deepika Saluja (PGT-Economics, Co-curricular Head).

The environment in the Auditorium was rocking and electrifying. The school had arranged live telecast for the event. The audience was spell-bound and entertained themselves to see the Robots walking on the track. The most exciting part of the last round was to see, how the participants tried their level best, to flip or push their rival Robots to score maximum points. In order to make the competition more vibrant, the volunteers played loud and lively music to keep the audience mesmerised. The competition was very healthy and motivating and aimed at developing the cognitive skills among the students.

The position of the four houses according to their performance was announced on October 25, 2018, by our Principal Dr SK Sanyal.