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Excursion to Central Agricultural Meteorological Observatory (Pune)

On 12th September 2017, 38 students of grade VI, along with their Escort Teachers – Mrs. Mitali Gupta and Ms. Kakoli Mondal, went for an Educational Excursion to the Meteorological Observatory (Pune).

During this half a day trip, children gathered knowledge about the working of a Meteorological Observatory and its observations. They learnt about the tools used to measure the various natural phenomena such as:

  • Atmospheric Pressure measured by the Barometer
  • Air and Soil Temperature measured by the Thermometer
  • O.P.E.N. Tank to measure Water Level
  • Wind Pressure by Anemometer or Wind Mill
  • Rainfall by Rain Gauge?
  • Humidity by Psychrometer

The students had a great time during the entire trip and returned enriched with an enhanced understanding of the functioning of the Meteorological Observatory.