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Educational Excursion to Aurangabad

The history students of grades XI and XII went on an Educational Excursion to Aurangabad, the tourism capital of Maharashtra on 17th November 2017 and returned on 18th November 2017. The city is a Tourist Hub, surrounded by many Historical Monuments, including the Ajanta Caves and Ellora Caves, which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. They also visited Bibi Ka Maqbara, the burial place of Aurangzeb’s wife, Rabia-ud-Durrani. They also went to see Daulatabad Fort which stands on a conical hill, about 200 meters high. At the mid-way, there lies a cave entrance that was meant to confuse the enemies.

The Ajanta Caves along with the Ellora caves are some of the most beautiful caves in India. These caves are some of the most mesmerizing ones in the country, especially with paintings that take us back in time all the way between the 2nd Century BC and 6th Century AD. The caves of Ajanta are home to some of the most magnificent masterpieces of Indian art. Students returned enriched and enthused seeing the beauty, grandeur, and splendour of these historical monuments.