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Adventurous Sports

The Oxford dictionary defines adventure as an unusual and exciting or daring experience/a reckless and potentially hazardous action or enterprise/excitement associated with danger or taking of risks etc.

But from a purely literary point of view and Ad – Venture is any venture in which your Adrenaline flow is at its optimum.

Today’s world is one of the brave, daring and the adventurous, who come with steady steps and long strides, overtake the less brave and accomplish crowning glory.

With the intention of honing the adventurous skills of the enterprising Birlites, the school has come up with the idea of Adventurous Sports named after the great man who scaled Mount Everest for the first time i.e. Tenzing Norgay Adventure Arena in which the truly adventurous can have their escapades which mould them into tough men who are raring to face the challenges posed to them by the World and not “To suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune”, but “to take arms against a sea of troubles” – Hamlet, Shakespeare.

IV - English, V - Science, VI - Hindi, VII - Social Science, VIII - Maths, IX - Science

Wed, 23 January 2019

X - Maths (041), XII Science - Physics (042), XII Commerce - Economics, XII Humanities - Economics (037)

Wed, 23 January 2019

IV - Science, V - Social Science, VI - English, VII - Maths, VIII - Social Science, IX - IT

Fri, 25 January 2019

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