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Yoga and jogging

The BK Birla Centre for Education places great emphasis on the overall health and fitness of its students. It is for this reason that the school has various facilities and amenities to encourage regular exercise. Apart from the various sports that students partake in, fitness at the school means a physical training session for an hour every morning for yoga and jogging alternately. This morning session of exercise refreshes, relaxes and prepares students for the day ahead.
Hobby clubs
Students at the BK Birla Centre for Education are encouraged to take up various hobbies and so have formed hobby clubs to develop skills that aid in their all-round development.
Indoor games
From snooker to carrom, the BK Birla Centre for Education offers its students a variety of indoor games. They also participate in various interhouse and interschool competitions.
BK Birla Centre for Education has a wide variety of Indian and Western musical instruments where students can learn to play them and also form music bands, if they are interested.