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Indoor games

BK Birla Centre for Education offers its students a number of options when it comes to indoor games. From billiards and excellent skating facility to chess and the popular carrom, all games that promote team spirit and healthy competition are encouraged among students. Every day, one hour is allocated for sports with additional time in the week for swimming. Apart from this, students can opt to play any sport during their free time as well.
Hobby clubs
Students at the BK Birla Centre for Education are encouraged to take up various hobbies and so have formed hobby clubs to develop skills that aid in their all-round development.
BK Birla Centre for Education has a wide variety of Indian and Western musical instruments where students can learn to play them and also form music bands, if they are interested.
Outdoor games
Outdoor games such as athletics, cricket, football, basketball and horse riding form an important part of the every day activity at the BK Birla Centre for Education.