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Specialised facilities

Practical and on-field learning is encouraged at the BK Birla Centre for Education and as a step towards this, there are many specialised facilities in the school including various laboratories such as mathematics, language and robotics. Supervised afternoon and evening sessions at these laboratories help develop a scientific approach to problem solving and also allow interested students to undertake a considerable amount of personal project work.
Robotics lab

The Robotics laboratory helps students develop a scientific approach towards problem-solving.

Maths Lab

The Mathematics laboratory helps students develop a love for this fascinating and crucial subject, as they learn and explore its concepts.

English Lab

As part of developing language skills, students at BK Birla Centre for Education participate in various group activities.

Social Science Lab

From a prototype of Harappa civilization to the map of Tasmania can all be found in the Social Science laboratory.

Art and craft
The arts and crafts room at the BK Birla Centre for Education in Pune is designed with art work from every state of our country, all prepared by the students and the arts professor.
To provide well-rounded education, the BK Birla Centre for Education provides world-class infrastructure in each of its 22 classrooms with latest visual and audio mediums for teaching.
BK Birla Centre for Education has a well-equipped laboratory so that every textbook theory is backed with a practical experiment. The school encourages students to visit laboratories often.