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BK Birla Centre for Education follows the CBSE/NCERT syllabus and so has implemented the scheme of continuous and comprehensive evaluation as prepared by the board.

Medium of instruction: English

Subjects: English, Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit, Mathematics, Social Science, Science, Information Technology, Physical & Health Education, Work or Pre-Vocational Education, and Art Education

Languages: Students are required to study three languages. These are English, Hindi, Marathi/Sanskrit.

Evaluation System: Scheme of evaluation and promotions

  • The academic session is divided into two terms. The first term commences from April and terminates by the end of September. The second term begins in October and ends in March of the subsequent year.
  • Each term has two Formative and one Summative assessment.
  • Assessment is indicated in grades and percentile rank.
  • The grading scale for the scholastic domain is a 9-point grading scale.



Marks Range Grade Grade Point
90 and above A1 10.0
81-90 A2 9.0
71-80 B1 8.0
61-70 B2 7.0
51-60 C1 6.0
41-50 C2 5.0
33-40 D 4.0
21-32 E1
00-20 E2

Part 1-B: The assessment of performance in the areas like Work Experience, Art Education and Health & Physical Education is done on 5-point grading scale.


A A+ B+ B C


The Central Board of Secondary Education has approved a certificate of School-based Co-Scholastic Evaluation in Classes IX and X. Our institution has adopted the similar scheme of evaluation for Classes IV to VIII as well.


PART 2 consists of the Co-Scholastic domain wherein the choice in participation and assessment thereof is available. This part consists of two sub parts.

PART 2-A: Literary and Creative Skills, Scientific Skills, Aesthetic Skills and Performing Art and Clubs (Eco, Health, etc)

PART 2-B: Eight different kinds of activities are offered:

  1. Sports/Indigenous sports
  2. NCC / NSS
  3. Scouts and Guides
  4. Swimming
  1. Gymnastics
  2. Yoga
  3. First Aid
  4. Gardening / Shramdan

The learner is assessed on any two activities from part 2(A) and 2(B)

  • Continuous and comprehensive evaluation is a process to provide holistic profiles of the learner through regular assessment of both Scholastic and Co-Scholastic aspects of development over the total span of the learning time.
  • Promotion is based on the day-to-day performance of the learners throughout the year and also in the terminal examination.

The break-up of assessment is as below:

Term 1: FA1 (10%) + FA2 (10%) + SA1 (20%)

Term 2: FA3 (10%) + FA4 (10%) + SA2 (40%)

Formative Assessment (FA) 1+2+3+4 = 40%

Summative Assessment (SA) 1+2 = 60%

Result Declaration for classes IV to VII

Tue, 30 April 2019

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