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Message from Principal

When looking at B.K. Birla Centre for Education, it is indeed hard to believe that this year marks our 18th birthday. Over the past eighteen years, we have systematically appraised and valued high quality teaching and learning; this year is no exception.


In fact, this year we are keeping pace with national and international educational pedagogy developments. We look forward in offering our students educational values that are more authentic, pertinent and technologically connected.

This year, you can look forward to encountering a highly intensive and challenging academic program that will push you to work beyond your limits. However, I am confident that all of you have the capacity and ability to meet our expectations and the demands of your new classes and teachers. Our goal is to ensure that all students become critical thinkers, active problem-solvers, inquisitive readers, diligent and persevering prolific writers. We do all of this to prepare you for the demands of the real-world so you may become fruitful citizens, leaders, and contribute something positive to the community.

As we embark on our nineteenth year of excellence, carrying a legacy of now being an I.P.S.C. School and having excelled both in Academics and Sports, we will honour past traditions while making new ones. A long-standing custom which is actually embedded in the very fabric of all Birla Schools has been our focus on community services, which we will positively strive to excel. Our involvement in our student’s education and society, is what truly sets us apart from other schools. I look forward to not only upholding this tradition but, also to increase our community involvement this year. We are very proud of this accomplishment that the reality here, is an opportunity for everyone to be involved; and this includes students, parents, and members of the neighbouring community also.

We are all excited for the 2016-17 school year. Together, we can ensure that this will be our best year yet.

Here’s to a great year together!.

With warm regards

Dr Saibal Kumar Sanyal


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