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The BK Birla Centre (BKBCE) is a world-class residential school located near Pune (just 126 km from Mumbai), Maharashtra. BKBCE was established in 1998 by Mr BK Birla and Mrs Sarala Birla with the aim of providing exceptional education while at the same time imparting well-rounded learning to students, inculcating in them a drive for excellence in every sphere of life. Today, BKBCE is a centre of educational excellence. Its student body of about 600, are enrolled from Classes IV to XII, under the CBSE Board. The vast campus houses an academic block and five hostel blocks, all nestled in well-planned lawns and outdoor sports areas

Academic Block

The academic block is a two-storeyed structure with spacious classrooms that are designed to optimise natural light and ventilation. The classrooms and laboratories are fitted with specially designed, modern, ergonomic furniture that ensures that pupils do not suffer fatigue. The modern science and computer laboratories, the audio/visual room and the art activity centres are also housed in the academic block.

Hostel Blocks

The school has five hostel blocks named as Banyan House, Oak House, Peepul House, Pine House and Teak House. Each of these accommodate students, house masters, tutors, the ward boys/ the ayahs (matrons). Each hostel block is a two-storeyed structure divided into dormitories, residential flats, common rooms and a study room for students. The residential hostels have been designed for comfort, privacy and safety. Each block can accommodate 144 students, who are cared for by the house master, two or three house tutors, a ward boy or a matron. The house master is responsible for medical, academic and personal progress records of the wards under his care. He and the house tutors are always accessible to the students and form a close network of advice and counsel. Dormitories are spacious and well ventilated with all the modern amenities. Each dormitory can house 18 students and is designed to allow for privacy with a separate niche and cupboard for each child. The common bathrooms are also fitted with modern conveniences. Senior students (classes XII) have much more privacy with twin-sharing rooms to call their own. Each hostel block has a common room where the students can enjoy their hours of leisure. Each common room is uniquely designed and equipped with a music system and a television where approved channels are available from the school’s dish antenna.

Dining Hall

The spacious dining hall is located conveniently in a separate building and is easily accessible from the various hostel blocks. Food is prepared in hygienic conditions under the supervision of an experienced Mess Manager. The modern kitchen is equipped with a deep freezer, a water cooler, modern cooking gadgets and a bakery. The school also has a expert dietician who ensures that the students enjoy well-balanced, nutritious, vegetarian meals. The dietician also involves the children in the process of defining the weekly menu incorporating their suggestions, while taking care of any specific dietary requirements the students may have.